Planning a Creative Garden - Tips & Techniques

Gardening can be interesting and fun, especially when you bring a little creativity into it. In one way, all gardening is creative, as you're planting and growing living plants. Your garden can fit your personality and creativity, and the design can include what you have in the surrounding areas, as well as what you are planting. Being creative with your garden can sometimes need fresh ideas, so here are some.

Lack of space is a common problem for many gardeners. There are many ways to overcome this, and one possibility is to plant in a glass container or a terrarium. You can make an attractive garden for indoors by using a terrarium for growing herbs. When you do this type of garden, one advantage you have is not having to water the herbs that often, because moisture will be retained in an environment that is enclosed. You could use a large terrarium, such as an aquarium normally Pool Landscape Design used for fish, or perhaps several smaller glass containers. You'd probably want to choose small herbs for this type of garden, as they will be easier to manage.

One challenging issue that may arise is planting a garden that is on a slope. This would normally be a problem, but it can be resolved if you do the following. By rearranging the plants so that the tall ones are at the bottom of the slope, and the short ones are at top, you can strike a balance with what you have. Your garden can be very unique if you put in a Backyard Landscape Design Ideas stairway that people have to ascend descend when observing what you are growing. It is easy to say, but hard to do, that when planting a garden, you simply compensate for the slope by what you plant in the ground. You can turn what might appear to be a problem into something original and innovative.

If you want more people to notice your beautiful garden, then you need to add more flowers that are exotic and colorful. There might be lots of flowers, but they don't all grow where you live, but you should be able to find some that do. One flower that comes in various colors and is always impressive is the orchid. They will grow just about anywhere. A flower that comes from South America, and is usually grown inside, is the Calathea. When you grow them outdoors, you should keep them in the shade, because they are sensitive to the sun. Exotic flowers can be found in many places, and some do better in cooler climates than others, and the Cymbidium, native to the Himalayas, is one of these. There are lots of exotic flowers, and these are just a few of your choices.

Not all people view creative gardening in the same way. When it comes right down to it, if you put your garden in a good area and it has the sunshine and water necessary to survive, you are free to be as creative and adventurous with your garden as you please. There is no limit to the ways you can express your creativity in your garden. You, and your imagination, are in control.

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